What we do:

Our four-step process


We assess your needs

  • We define what you need and what the deliverables will be.
  • We develop a custom solution.
  • We explore whether the project is technically feasible and complies with air traffic and industrial environment regulations.


We develop your solution

  • We set the value chain – deliverable, data, sensors and vehicle
  • We implement the market analysis and feasibility study to deploy high-valueadded solutions such as hybrid drones and LiDAR technologies
  • We develop the system and conduct quality checks.
  • We conduct a demonstration or field test to see whether the solution works in practice.


We carry out your mission

  • We handle every aspect of the mission, using protocols that suit your needs.
  • We deploy the solution in the field and carry out repeat missions.
  • We work with the client, handling all aspects of the mission or taking control of certain parts.
  • We offer assistance to the project owner.


We deliver high-value data

  • We implement our own Quality Policy : quality checks, looking at accuracy and completeness.
  • We aggregate, filter, combine and merge your data, extracting the relevant information in a usable format.
  • We process the data, producing orthoimages, topographic maps, vegetation-cover and other information.
  • We import the output into databases, information systems, map layers and connected, integrated web services.
  • We record your data in our archives to manage it over time