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The is edited by SNCF Reseau, Public Establishment at Industrial and Commercial Character, registered at the Trade and Companies Register of Bobigny under the number B 412 280 737, code APE 632 A, which headquarters are located 15/17 Street Jean-Philippe RAMEAU - CS 80001 - 93 418 LA PLAINE ST DENIS CEDEX.

VAT Identification number: FR 73 412 280 737

Telephone number: 01 71 92 60 00

The Publishing Director is Patrick Jeantet, President and General Manager of SNCF Reseau.

Production, hosting and website updates

This website was conceived by the Web Service Center of SNCF Reseau and created by the TRSb agency for SNCF Reseau.

The website is hosted by the mutualized environment of SNCF Reseau and is managed by the Web Service Center of the company. This hosting is assured by the Link by Net host.

Legal notice

The present terms of use are intended to define the accessibility conditions and rules of use of the website

Accessibility to the website is subordinate to the respect of the present terms of use. Accessibility to the website is strictly reserved to Users as defined as any person accessing the website.

The first time on the website, a window of the Terms of Use will appear. The User must accept by ticking the box: “I have read and accepted the terms of use”.

The Editor has the right to modify or update, the present terms of use in the likes of changes or additions done, to conform with the legal, jurisprudential, editorial and/or technical evolutions.

The User must consult the last version of the terms of use accessible at all times on the website.

In the event of modification of the terms of use, a window with the modified terms of use will appear. The User must accept the new terms of use by ticking the box: “I have read and accepted the terms of use”.

If the User does not accept the terms of use, he will not be granted access to the website/app.

Object of the website

The object of the website is to provide information and help concerning all activities, products, services and offers by Altametris.

Website access

Access to the website is possible with a computer, tablet or smartphone connected to a telecommunication network according to the communication protocols used on the Internet.

The Editor provides the User a right of consultation, use and access to the Website’s Information.


Access to the website is free of charge, excluding Internet providers and communication costs billed directly by the provider to the User.

Website use

The User is forbidden to:

  • Use the website as commercial means and offering products or services directly or indirectly remunerating him
  • To “sell” or providing to a third part and/or User, the content of the website free and/or for a fee
  • To use the website to, in any form whatsoever, advertisement or unsolicited promotional elements
  • To link the users indirectly or directly, with hyperlinks, to other websites which may not respect the French legislation or the provisions of the present Terms of Use.

Service access

The website is accessible 24/7, 7 days a week, excluding unpredictable and independent events of the editor’s will, Force majeure or maintenance.

Technical maintenance interruptions or necessary updates for the proper functioning of the website and related elements, or for any other reason, can be decided by the editor, access to part or the whole website could be suspended without prior notice to the User.

The editor is solely entitled to an obligation of means regarding the technical accessibility of the website.

The User is informed that the editor may end or modify the characteristics of the service offered on the website at all times, without prior notice and without the User having of a recourse against him.

Proposed information

Published information on the website are provided for information, free of charge and have no contractual value.

The editor does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness and actuality of the information shared on the website. The information does not dispense the User from complementary and personal analysis.

Even though all is implemented to offer Users available and verified information and/or services, the editor is not responsible for direct or indirect damage resulting of the access or use of the website, errors or omissions and absence of information availability.

The editor is not responsible for User access via hyperlinks implemented on the website linking to other resources present on the Web.

The User recognizes having the competencies and means necessary to access and use the website, to exploit the information provided by the website under its exclusive responsibility, acknowledging the present Terms of Use.

Intellectual property

The user is forbidden of undermine the rights to intellectual property (author’s right, neighboring right, sui generis right, brand right, domain names…) of the editor, of Altametris and/or other third party.

The editor and Altametris are the holders of all intellectual property rights, structure or content of the website (texts, logos, images, audio elements, videos, applications, icons, layout, database…) or have regularly acquired the rights allowing the use of the structure and content of the website, without any limits.

Therefore, the User cannot reproduce, produce, adapt, translate, transform part or all, or transfer elements of the website, in any way or mean, except by having prior authorization, written by the editor or Altametris.

The download of elements is forbidden.

The editor and Altametris are holders of the brands and logos possibly reproduced on the website. Any reproduction of names or logos, by any means, without prior authorization of the holder is forbidden.

The disrespect of these prohibitions may constitute an act of counterfeiting and/or of unfaithful competition and parasitic engaging the civil and or/penal responsibility of the User.

Video/picture credits

The illustrative general pictures of the website are provided by SNCF Reseau Media and GettyImage.

Other visuals are used on the website.

Personal data

The website editor may collect personal information concerning the User and specifically when using the functionality “Contact Us”:

  • Name
  • Mail
  • Telephone number
  • Entity (optional)

The collected data are processed under the responsibility of the SNCF Reseau Communication Direction.

The recipient of the collected data is the home service and external relations of Altametris.

The goal of the processing of the data is connecting the User, the editor and the claims management: take into account the demands of the Users and answering them.

The collected data is kept for 12 months.

The user is informed that providing this data conditions the possibility of contacting the website editor.

This information will not be used for commercial means and will not be communicated to the competent authorities if they asked for it. This information will be kept confidential and will not be transferred out of the European Union.

In conformity with the modified law provisions n°78-17 of the 6th of January 1978, said law Computing and Freedom and to the provisions of the regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Counsel of the 27th of April 2016, each person concerned with the processing of personal data has the right to:

  • Ask the processing manager for access to the data, correcting or removing or a limit of processing,
  • To oppose the processing and portability right,
  • To remove his consent at any time,
  • To introduce a claim to the controlling authorities,
  • To define the conditions of use, retention or communication of the personal data in the event of death,
  • As such, any person justifying of his identity may exercise his rights by sending his demand at: SNCF Reseau, External relations and communication Direction, Multimedia Team 15 /17 rue Jean-Philippe RAMEAU – CS 80001 – 93 418 LA PLAINE ST DENIS CEDEX


The website uses cookies stored in your computer. A cookie cannot identify the User. Nevertheless, it registers information relative to Internet browsing of all computers on the website (pages viewed, the date and time of viewing, etc.) which can be read during subsequent visits.

The storing of this information in your computer is of 1 year. The User can delete them at any time, using the browsing options used.

The User can also oppose to the registering cookies by configuring the browser as follows.

For Mozilla firefox :

  • Choose the menu “Tools” then “Internet Options”
  • Click on the “Personal life” icon
  • Find the menu “Cookie” and select the wanted options
  • Untick “Accept cookies”

For Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 :

  • Choose the menu “Tools” then “Internet Options”
  • Click on the tab “Confidentiality”
  • Select the wanted level with the cursor

For Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 :

  • Choose the menu “Tools” then “Internet Options”
  • Click on the tab “Security”
  • Select “Internet” then “Custom Level”
  • Find the rubric “Cookies” et choose the wanted options

For Google Chrome :

  • Click on the Chrome menu
  • Select Parameters
  • Click on View advanced parameters
  • In the section "Confidentiality", click on Scope-of parameter
  • Select « Deny data storage to any site »

For Netscape 6.X et 7.X :

  • Choose the menu “Editing/Preferences”
  • Confidentiality and Security
  • Cookies

For Opéra 6.0 and others :

  • Choose the menu “File/Preferences”
  • Personal Life

For Safari :

  • Click on the Safari menu bar
  • Select “Preferences”
  • Click on “Confidentiality” in the toolbar
  • Select “Never” in “Block the cookies” to accept all cookies or third parties and announcers to refuse advertisement cookies
  • Close Safari and reopen it


Apart from websites sharing information and/or content contrary to the law or morality, the User can create a hyperlink on his website to the Website. The Editor has an opposing right and declines any responsibility regarding the information on these websites which are linked to his with a hyperlink or any other mean.

Hyperlinks on the website may send to another website by any mean.

As the editor cannot control these websites’ and their external sources, he cannot be held responsible for providing access to these websites or external sources, and does not hold any responsibility regarding the content, opinions, advertisement, products, services or other material, accessible on part or all these websites and external sources.

The User is advised to use this information with discernment and critical thinking.

In addition, the editor cannot be held responsible for all damage proved or alleged subsequent or in relation with the use or with trusting the content, to goods or services accessible on these websites and external sources.

Finally, in the limits authorized by the law, the editor cannot be held responsible if the content of said websites or other websites contravenes the legal and regulatory provisions in force.

Traffic statistics

The website is analyzed by the system measurement and audience analysis of Google Analytics and Piwik.

Guarantees / Responsibility

The User commits, during the use of the website, to not contravene to all legal and regulatory provisions in force, the good use of the Intranet and netiquette as well as to the present Terms of Use.

The User is informed that any violation of the Terms of Use provisions is susceptible of juridical pursuits and sanctions.

The User commits to act with diligence to answer all claims.

The User is responsible towards the editor of the Website and/or third parties of all material and/or immaterial, direct and/or indirect prejudices whichever the nature and whatever the cause, and/or his attendants in the event of non-conform use to the present Terms of Use.

The User will hold the editor of the website compensated, at all times and at first demand, against all damage and/or against all demands, actions, complaints coming from third parties resulting in the violation of said provisions.

This guarantee covers all damages and interests which could possibly be paid such as the lawyer, expertise, juridical fees…

The Editor commits to do his best to enforce technical, security, confidentiality and organizational measures to protect the data flowing on the Website.

Each Website User commits:

  • Not to use software or processes to copy the Website Information without express prior authorization to the editor of the Website,
  • In renouncing expressly in the use of software or devices susceptible of disrupt the functioning of the Website, nor take actions to impose disproportionate charges for the infrastructure of the editor’s Website,
  • Not distort or modify nor create derived art from the Website’s information without the express prior consent of the editor of the Website,
  • In not making short quotes, analyses and reproductions intended for press reviews or other use expressly authorized, in the limits and conditions set by the law and subject to citing the name of the authors and the source,
  • Not to extract or reuse, even in a private context, without written prior authorization of the editor of the Website, a substantial or not part of the database content and archives built by the Website,
  • In not implementing systems susceptible of hacking the Website in part or whole, or which can violate the present Terms of Use,
  • To informing the editor of the Website in the acknowledgement of any infringement (regarding intellectual property right of the editor of the Website) particularly the illicit or noncontractual use the Website’s Information and so, whichever diffusion mode used.


For all questions related to the Website’s operation, to the Terms of Use or for any observations or suggestions, you can use the rubric “Contact” of the Website.

The webmaster will endeavor in considering observations and suggestions according to the editorial constraints, ergonomics, graphics and technics of the Website. He cannot answer specific suggestions nor the ones overpassing the administrative and technical frame of the Website.

Nullity of a clause

The nullity in part or whole of one or several provisions of the present Terms of Use, at the term of a legal or regulatory provision or definitive juridical decision, does not lead to the nullity of the other provisions or the part of the provision not impacted by the nullity.

Applicable law and litigation

The present Terms of Use are subject to the French law.

In the event of a dispute related to the interpretation, validity or execution of the present Terms of Use, the User and editor of the Website will convene in deploying their best efforts to reach an amicable litigation.

If an amicable litigation is not found, any possible litigation related to the interpretation or execution of the present Terms of Use is subject to the competencies of the Court of Paris.


If any doubt/misunderstanding arises from this english translation, the french version should prevail.