Who are we ?

ALTAMETRIS, an SNCF Réseau innovative spin-off.


Advanced expertise of demanding industrial is at the core of ALTAMETRIS' value system. Demanding regarding both the quality required by our clients, and the level of safety and reliability expected for people and equipment. Railway experience is what drives our corporate culture:  the high accuracy of our surveyor-topographers, the pragmatism of our veterans , the intuition and curiosity of our analysts, engineers and PHD. Above all, ALTAMETRIS is dedicated to shifting the lines to bring higher performance and versatile industrial solutions. Altametris does not only operate drones to collect data. Our drones allow us to reach higher standards and forge Asset Management of the future.

Nicolas POLLET - CEO


Our values

Expertise of industrial environment

Continuous innovation to be a reference and invent tomorrow's services.

Open-mindedness essential to comprehend requirements and create fitted solutions.

The rigor necessary to offer the security and quality guarantees expected by our Clients, and

Trust, foundation of all lasting win-win relations.


Key figures

2012: SNCF RESEAU creates Drones Department.

2017: ALTAMETRIS is created as a spin-off of SNCF RESEAU .

A team of 30 people in this sector : telepilots, engineers, analysts and developers.

A fleet of 12 drones and robots.

Already 1 400 flights since 2017.

More of 850 flight hours realised.

More of 20 000 linear km covered.

4 hours to numerise in 3D 1 km of track.



When created in 2012, we counted only 3 railwayRIEGL Ricopter workers. In 2018, we are now 30 engineers, PHD and telepilots. Strongly integrated in the academic network, ALTAMETRIS is also a valuable springboard for the PHD students and future engineers. Our fleet of about 12 drones and some rover/ground robots is a strength. We chose a versatile fleet to answer strict accuracy, performance, and most of all reliability and security requirements with fixed wing (plane-like) and rotorcraft drones (multicopter).



ALTAMETRIS is a growing and evolving company. We answer most of our client's needs thanks to 5 Business Units Contact us to find out more.