For which needs?

To facilitate the mapping and inspection of your facilities, we use agile measurement systems (drones, robots, etc.).

Our wide range of services allows us to carry out diagnostics and acquisitions without disrupting your industrial operations.

Anticipate and panic your work, develop and structure new projects we create the digital twin of your facilities.

Represent your facilities, produce a digital copy of your assets and working environment … We carry out topographic acquisitions by agile and non-intrusive means in order to provide you with deliverables adapted to your needs:

Databases, satellite acquisitions, geographical information, discover our tools and methods of exploitation of your mapping data.

Valuing heritage, conducting investigations to reveal specific sites or characteristics, we deploy our technologies to propose deliverables adapted to your archaeological analysis needs:

3D analysis under vegetation

3D analysis under vegetation

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Mapping your installations, detecting defects or changes in your structures, we have developed algorithms that allow the automation of the detection of disorders.

Inspection of concrete structures

Inspection of concrete structures

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Inspection of earthworks

Inspection of earthworks

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Which of our strengths can meet your needs?

  • one

    Optimisation of your inspection campaigns and topographical surveys thanks to the use of accurate and enforceable data.

  • two

    Interventions carried out in complete safety, without access to risky or difficult-to-reach areas.

  • three Data acquired without disrupting your industrial operations
  • four

    Raw data transformed into business knowledge for easy and intuitive use by your industry experts

Altametris Solutions :

80000 Kilometres of track inspected
600 Drone flight hours
18 Passionate experts

What do our clients say?

“Altametris surveyed 17 level crossings in the Île-de-France region. The sheets and plans delivered enabled us to make progress with our project, in which we sought to list and understand this specific type of heritage. The company can put forward numerous improvements to standardise the approach.”

Production Zone Director - IDF - Department for heritage and regeneration project management - SNCF Réseau,,
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Mapping of difficult level crossings

In order to optimise the safety of level crossings thanks to detailed knowledge of the environment, we offer 3D topographical surveys of level crossings.

Would you like to increase the performance and value of your infrastructure?

We offer infrastructure inspection services adapted to your area of activity: industry, rail, transport, maritime, and agriculture.

  •  buildings and industrial sites
  • railway infrastructure
  • port infrastructure
  • river or road infrastructure
  • fluid or energy transport networks
Do you have a project?

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We also offer other services that allow you to:

Altametris Services - Identifiant


data collection tools tailored to your needs

Robot dinspection sous caisse
  • Prototyping
  • Geographic Information System 
  • Health and safety at work
  • Advice, expertise, training
  • Safety/Security
Programme Compagnon - Identifiant


your data collection autonomously with a drone

Cas dusage -  Programme Compagnon (1)
  • Approved training organisation
  • Deployment assistance
  • Maintenance assistance
  • Data processing platform
  • Management of drone flight requests
Altametris Suite - Identifiant


Process, visualise and share your data

Altametris Suite - Visualisation de la plateforme logicielle 1
  • SaaS solution
  • Data visualisation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Image processing