Altametris’ expertise and experience brought together in a software program  


Since 2017, we have aimed to systematise access to digital data to boost the performance and productivity of industrial infrastructure.
Initially focused on the acquisition of digital data, we expanded our offer to process this data which is essential for industry experts and/or industrial infrastructure managers.
We designed an intuitive and user-friendly tool for the complete digitisation of their installations. The tests carried out since 2020 with major infrastructure managers such as SARP - a Veolia subsidiary - and SNCF Réseau confirm the success of our tool with industry experts.

Which of our strengths can meet your needs?

  • one A unique tool that lets the user centralise and visualise all infrastructure for a better correlation of data.
  • two A simple and intuitive tool: direct access via the web and management of teams and users.
  • three 2D, 3D and 4D data visualisation and comparison tools for better intra- and inter-project analysis.
  • four Cutting-edge technologies: AI to automate data processing and the production of relevant knowledge.

What features are available in Altametris Suite?

image 43
2D visualisation in Altametris Suite

2D visualisation

Thanks to the 2D visualisation tool for geographic data, you have many resources at your disposal to annotate, measure, archive or compare your data and thereby generate an initial level of knowledge on your infrastructure.

image 44
3D visualisation in Altametris Suite

3D visualisation

You can directly deposit your data to map an infrastructure and/or obtain a 3D scale model.

Numerous measurement, classification, cutting and navigation functions in a 3D space are available.

image 45
Photogrammetry in Altametris Suite


To create the digital twin of your facilities, Altametris Suite offers photogrammetry tools that allow you to carry out simple and intuitive processing directly in the Cloud and to generate:

  • Orthophotos
  • Point clouds


panorama suite
Creation of panoramas in Altametris Suite

Creation of panoramas

Altametris Suite includes the automatic creation of 360° panoramas. You can carry out virtual tours of your sites and installations or monitor your worksites.

Simply upload your raw data and Altametris Suite will produce your panoramic views in almost real time.

Altametris Suite:

7000 km² of orthophotos generated
308 km² of point clouds processed
15 passionate experts
Analyse thermique Altametris

Thermal analysis of buildings

The platform allows the visualisation and comparison of different data sources, making it possible, for example, to detect defects in the visible range and analyse them through thermal mapping.

Détection de désordres sur béton

Detection of defects on concrete structures

To monitor the state of your installations and the evolution of defects, we developed Artificial Intelligence to automate the detection of different types of defects on concrete.

Analyse archéologique

LiDAR scanner for archaeological analysis

Thanks to LiDAR laser scanning, it is possible to carry out geometric measurements under vegetation, thereby revealing the morphology of land which is invisible or almost invisible to the naked eye.                                                     

Would you like to increase the performance and value of your infrastructure?

We have designed and developed a software platform to provide usable knowledge to industrial infrastructure managers:

  •  buildings and industrial sites
  • railway infrastructure
  • port infrastructure
  • river or road infrastructure
  • fluid or energy transport networks

Do you have a project?

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We also offer other services that allow you to:

Altametris Services - Identifiant


data collection tools tailored to your needs

Robot dinspection sous caisse
  • Prototyping
  • Geographic Information System 
  • Health and safety at work
  • Advice, expertise, training
  • Safety/Security
Altametris Solutions - Identifiant


the collection of your data

Déléguer la collecte des données à Altametris
  • Digital Twin
  • Topography 
  • Mapping
  • Archaeology
  • Inspection support
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your data collection autonomously with a drone

Cas dusage -  Programme Compagnon (1)
  • Approved training organisation
  • Deployment assistance
  • Maintenance assistance
  • Data processing platform
  • Management of drone flight requests