Altametris and Instadrone collaborate to optimize data collection

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After more than one year of work, it finally came to fruition ! 

Last November, the Instadrone's network - specialist in the capture of technical data by drones, with 23 agencies of drone operators in France and 4 agencies abroad - and Altametris, spin-off of SNCF Réseau, specialist in data processing and enhancement have entered into a strategic partnership to optimize data collection.  

In this interview, they describe the contours of this agreement which will open up new horizons for both companies, but above all, which will allow a significant increase in the quality of data capture and processing services for all industrial infrastructure managers.


What's the objective of this partnership ?

ALEXIS MENESES - Software Manager at Altametris : "The partnership has many dimensions. We did it together because on the one hand we trust Instadrone, which is the most serious player in France to offer data capture, which has a fairly extensive network to support us on our missions of captation that require accurate and reliable data so they help us to acquire this data.

On the other hand, the partnership is in both directions and it also concerns the provision of the software platform to assist in data collection." 

CEDRIC BOTELLA - Founder of the Instadrone network : Instadrone is specialized in telecoms, telecoms engineering, but we have been able to diversify and it represents only 50% of our sales revenues by now. 

So we are in all the other sectors and that's also the reason for this collaboration and this platform since we not only do only telecom, we also do photogrammetry, Lidar, inspection, auscultation, thermics... all these highly technical fields that will fit naturally into the platform. 

The difficulty for us was to get a polyvalent platform that would allow our customers to see the data and treat it in an optimal way without having a constellation of business platforms.

Our interest is to help you in these developments and to put at the disposal of our customers a benefit. 

Our interest is to help you in those developments and benefit our customers. The captation has to be clear, ergonomic and practical. Otherwise it would not be interesting. That's why we are proud to colloborate with you in that development."

What are your strategic challenges ?

ALEXIS MENESES - Software Manager at Altametris : " I think this partnership is about creating value on both sides. We all know that it's a competitive market.

We should know, like in any market - but in this one essentially - create a lasting difference. And what we bring to each other allows to create this difference and also the value of tomorrow." 

How do you plan to build on this partnership ?

CEDRIC BOTELLA - Founder of the Instadrone network : " We have always asked Altametris to be completely transparent in their feedbacks concerning our missions and captations, in order to help us to be more advanced and developed. We will proceed in the same way concerning the evolution of the platform. We will give clear feedback, because from our point of view, the one of people operating on field, we know what we expect from this platform.

What's the perspective to this partnership ?

CEDRIC BOTELLA - Founder of the Instadrone network : " They ask me everytime if I think that the telepilot profession has a future, I answer "yes, more than ever, provided that we adapt to a fast-moving, competitive and forward-looking market. 

I also think that this software suite you wish develop has the advantage of going far, on various horizons of this business and not being limited to one activity.

We might be satisfied by a platform which essentially deals with photovoltaic inspection for example, but it would quickly become limitative. That’s the whole point of using your suite, which goes a step further. Then, the fact that you have a lot of field experience by your main client which is SNCF immediately convinced me that you are the players we are looking for."

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