Regardless of the collection method, we add value to your data

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data collection tools tailored to your needs
  • Prototyping
  • Geographic Information System 
  • Health and safety at work
  • Advice, expertise, training
  • Safety/Security

Regardless of the collection method, we add value to your data.

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the collection of your data
  • Digital twin
  • Topography
  • Mapping
  • Archaeology
  • Inspection support

Regardless of the collection method, we add value to your data

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your data collection autonomously with a drone
  • Approved training organisation
  • Deployment assistance
  • Maintenance assistance
  • Data processing platform
  • Management of drone flight requests

Regardless of the collection method, we add value to your data.

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Process, visualise and share

all types of data
  • SaaS solution
  • Data visualisation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Image processing

Our engineering tools and methods

Lidar Altametris Alagnon
Intelligence artificielle Altametris

The drone, one vector among others

Since our launch, we have been pioneers in the civil use of drones for industrial maintenance purposes.

In particular, we were at the heart of the development of our unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the DT26, with the manufacturer DELAIR, and actively participated in regulatory work with the French civil aviation authority (DGAC) so that this UAV could be marketed.

Today, this state-of-the-art drone is still one of our key vehicles for the acquisition of agile data, but it is not the only one.

Finally, regardless of the means used, our aim has always been to make qualitative and usable information available to infrastructure managers.

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LiDAR, a fully mastered technology

LiDAR is a remote-sensing method that emits laser pulses. It allows the speed of light to be calculated after it has been reflected off an object, and thus the distance to each object can be accurately estimated from the time between the emission of the laser pulse and the return pulse.

LiDAR generates millions of centimetre-level measurement points with which we produce numerous deliverables: 3D BIM models, 3D point clouds, etc.

We offer drone-based high-quality LiDAR data acquisition services. Our LiDAR sensor operates alongside a high-precision RIEGL inertial navigation/GNSS system. This combination comprises the best features of any LiDAR system that can be integrated into mini-drones today.

In addition to acquiring LiDAR data with drones, we process and exploit all types of LiDAR data to produce knowledge useful to experts.

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Artificial Intelligence, an essential tool

To process the enormous volumes of data and deliver usable knowledge to our infrastructure-management clients, we develop industrial algorithms to automate the detection of faults, the recognition of objects or situations, and the generation of panorama-type deliverables.

We are experimenting with AI through the different bricks and functionalities that we offer on our software platform dedicated to infrastructure managers: Altametris Suite.

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Would you like to increase the performance and value of your infrastructure?

We offer you tools and solutions adapted to your area of activity:

  • buildings and industrial sites
  • railway infrastructure
  • port infrastructure
  • river or road infrastructure
  • fluid or energy transport networks
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An operational framework pre-negotiated with the authorities


Industrial DNA in railways (subsidiary of SNCF Réseau)


Solutions developed and validated in industrial environments


Software that turns raw data into usable knowledge

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Discover our achievements through our case studies:

Cas dusage -  Programme Compagnon (1)

Drone training in the railway environment

“The inspection of the roofs, in particular the bow slide plate, with the drones enabled us to identify five trains that were non-compliant due to abnormal wear and tear, and we were able to bring forward operational decisions to send these trains directly to the workshops.”


Cas dusage - Inspection thermique

Assistance with the thermal inspection of an electric substation

“While it takes several hours for a single employee to inspect the substation on foot and at a distance of at least 10 metres from high-voltage lines (60,000 V), Altametris carries out the airborne thermal inspection of this three-hectare area in just 30 minutes.”

Cas dusage - Orthophoto

Provision of an orthophotograph of a technicentre

“The photos, processed using photogrammetry, served to produce a georeferenced orthophotograph, which was made available to the client within 10 days of the acquisition process on our online consultation platform.”


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