About Altametris

Altametris, is a pioneer in the field of data collection, processing, and analysis, that empowers our client partners to optimize their industrial asset management. Altametris is a subsidiary of SNCF Réseau and hence has a rich legacy in large infrastructure asset management. We provide end to end solution from capturing data using our diverse fleet of drones to treating data as desired by the clients for various applications like characterizing existing assets, creating digital twins virtual models and used in predictive analysis.

Nicolas Pollet and Flavien Viguier - Altametris

A few figures about us

  • 45 employees

    We are a group of enthusiastic professionals made up of engineers, technicians, drone pilots and PhDs in various domains.

  • 20 000 kms

    of railway lines covered in 2018 across 135 projects and 107 different sites

  • 97% of satisfied clients

    Client satisfaction is key driver to our success. Our rapid growth is owing to our client referrals.

Our vision

Our vision

Altametris solutions aim to improve asset management by digitalizing assets and create tangible insights. The analyzed data can enable asset managers to counter the general trend of increased spending and reduce the overall cost of managing industrial assets. How?

  • By supporting the professionals or experts who manage these assets by giving them the new age tools they need to focus on high value-added tasks.

  • By standardising and providing useful inisights/reports for overall asset supervision as part of the infrastructure manager's tools

  • By digitizing the asserts to create knowledge that will provide the ability to create data analytical models that can predict and undertake augmented management. 

It is our endevor to work with our clients to help them adapt to the Data Revolution by using the power of digitization of their assets and unlocking its true potential by making/enabling informed decisions.


Our values

We take a conscientious and enthusiastic approach founded on values of:
  • Industrial foundational principles, which are the cornerstones of our culture, driving us to be irreproachable on security and demanding when it comes to delivering cost-effective quality
  • The distinctive culture of small businesses working on new technology, basing our relationship on trust and openness to offer integrated solutions and using a high degree of expertise and innovation












Our team

Our team

A melting pot of different experiences, skills and origins, our team's mottos are collaboration, openness and innovation. We are always looking for ways to add value to what Altametris can offer!

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